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 Naked Pankration Wrestlers - a Greek Red-figure Wine Cup


 Etruscan Naked Wrestlers

Wrestling and Gladiatorial contests were some of many features, especially religious, that Rome inherited from its Etruscan neighbours. This ancient,non Indo-European (possibly originating from Asia Minor) culture even depicts warriors fighting completely naked.


 Gladiators from the Zliten Mosaic

The Zliten mosaic is a Roman floor mosaic from about the 2nd century AD, found in the town of Zliten in Libya, on the east coast of Leptis Magna. The mosaic was discovered by the Italian archaeologist Salvatore Aurigemma in 1913 and is now on display at The Archaeological Museum of Tripoli. It depicts gladiatorial contests, animal hunts, and scenes from everyday life. 
The mosaic was discovered in October 1913, in the ruins of a seaside Roman villa later called Villa Dar Buk Ammera after the area where it was found. When it was first fully unearthed and visible after the excavations conducted by Salvatore Aurigemma, from 22 June to 18 August 1914, it was immediately seen as a masterpiece of mosaic art, but one that was in an emergent need for preservation and restoration.
In the 1920s, the mosaic was restored and placed on display at The Archaeological Museum of Tripoli. It moved with the museum to its new location in 1952 and is displayed prominently near the entrance hall.

 Mosaic of Roman Gladiators Fighting


Gladiators in Loincloths fighting - Mosaic


Gladiators in Loincloths fighting - Mosaic



adaption of an original painting by Lovis Corinth
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"Shit ! I'm fuckin' cummin !"

the 'bollock-naked' slave, with a huge stiff cock,  groans, as he pumps out his seed, which splatters uselessly on the sand below the cross. 

Wearing just a tiny, leather 'G-string style' loincloth, this slave is tied to a cross and has a
sedile, (wooden post protruding from the upright of the cross), inserted into his anus.
Jerking up and down on the cross in agony, the naked slave unintentionally fucks himself viciously on the wooden post, and gives himself a huge erection.
His massive, stiff, jerking cock forces it way out of the tiny leather pouch of the G-string, which drops away revealing not only his engorged penis, but also his bulging balls.
Eventually the horribly excited slave groans loudly and 'cums', spurting his thick, creamy spunk high into the air, much to the amusement of the arena crowd.
Later, after continuing to fuck himself furiously on the wooden pole in his anus, as he writhes in agony, he has two more 'spunk-ups', splattering his useless 'seed' on the sand.
The naked, horribly 'horny' slave - who seems to be 'getting-off' too much on being impaled up his arse, is prevented then from 'cumming' any more by having both his testicles and his penis cut off !
With his cock stuffed into his mouth, his huge severed hairy balls hung round his neck, and his thick, dark 'pubes' burnt off, he is finished-off by being disemboweled, (has his belly sliced open and his guts pulled out), and he eventually bleeds to death as he continues to fuck himself on the post, while pathetically groaning in his final, horrific moments.

adaptation of an original painting by Lovis Corinth
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A screaming naked teenage boy is nailed to a cross.
One of his executioners avidly points to the boy's growing erection, as the writhing lad's cock jerks up, dribbling 'pre-cum'.
Later the naked boy will repeatedly 'cum', before having his prick and balls cut off, and eventually dying from loss of blood.

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This young gladiator has been disabled, and then stripped 'bollock-naked' and sodomised.
Next he has been impaled through his anus with his own spear.
Skewered up his arse, he has then been turned over onto his back and castrated, first having his erect penis sliced off, and then both his testicles.
Whilst trying to protect his 'privates' his hand got in the way and was also severed.
Finally his erect severed penis was stuffed into his mouth.
He then rolls onto his belly and, begging for mercy, he crawls pathetically to the feet of his victorious opponent, who is about to lop off his head.

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Two naked, 'horny', massively 'well-hung' gladiators, with huge 'hard-ons', cum at the same time as the winning blow is struck, and the younger fighter gets skewered through his belly with a sword.
The boy falls to the sand, screaming, and is immediately raped by his still 'horny' opponent.
The unfortunate lad then has his penis and both  his testicles sliced 0ff, and while he is squealing that he's 'now a fuckin' eunuch', his humiliation and suffering is cut short, as his own sword is plunged into his neck. Pinned to the sand with a sword through his neck, the naked, sexless gladiator squirms obscenely on the sand, shitting and pissing as he drowns in his own blood.

Oliver Frey - (edited)

After defeating, stripping and fucking his cute young, blond opponent, Fabius pulls the 'bollock-naked' boy's legs apart and prepares to castrate the helpless lad, before killing him by ramming his sword into the blond boy's anus.

Oliver Frey

Two naked boy gladiators fight.
The younger boy has already been raped and had his balls cut off, and is struggling helplessly as his older opponent prepares to 'finish' him with a sword thrust to the chest.

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"Oh fuck - my belly !"
Flavius squeals, as his hairy belly is skewered by Lucian's spear

Flavius has been  stripped 'bollock-naked' and fucked by his opponent.
With a huge 'hard-on' jutting from his thick pubic bush, and his heavy, low-slung, hairy balls bulging, this young gladiator, Flavius, 'shoots his load' onto the sand from his obscenely jerking cock as he is speared in the belly.

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Stripped 'bollock-naked', and then fucked and castrated, Flavius has his hairy belly sliced open as he shits and pisses on the sand
The disembowelled boy then has his cock stuffed into his mouth & while his hairy severed balls are left lying on the sand.
Trying uselessly to hold his bloody guts in, the naked boy grunts pathdetically as his opponent slits his throat.

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"No ! Not my fuckin' bollocks !"
Vinderex squeals to Lucian

'Bollock-naked' Vindrex, the Gaul, kneels on the sand.
He has a huge stiff cock, and as his opponent bends down to rip off his balls, the naked wrestler squeals for help and shoots his creamy 'load' onto the sand.

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"Cunt ! - I'm fucked !"
Vindrex screams,
as he writhes obscenely in the most horrific agony on the sand, after having his bulging balls ripped from his hairy groin. With his hands tied behind his back, and still with a huge 'hard-on' despite having been castrated, naked Vindrex, the Pankration wrestler, uselessly squirts his creamy seed from his stiff, jerking prick, for the last time, while the watching crowd laugh, jeer and cheer at the poor boy's appalling fate. 




This naked gladiator can't get 'aroused' when he is crucified, as he has had his penis chopped off.
Crucifixion was usually a long, drawn out death, but in this case the gladiator dies quite quickly from loss of blood, which pumps from the pathetic stump that is all that is left of his once huge prick.

(scene for the recent TV series 'Spartacus - Blood & Sand')


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After killing Marcus and Ephebus, Calvius is given a cute little Gallic slave-boy as his reward.
Calvius takes the young teen to a locker-room, strips him and then rams his huge, stiff prick up the young Gaul's 'butt-hole' and gives the moaning, naked skewered boy a good fucking, while Gracchus and some of his patrician friends look on.
And it's the last fuck Calvius ever has, however, as an hour or so later he gets brutally fucked himself, first by his opponent, young Hastus, then with a large wooden baton rammed into his arsehole, and finally by three arena-slaves, in the arena in front of the cheering crowd, - and then he has his big, hairy balls and his huge prick ripped off, before being horribly tortured and killed.

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In this first version of Calvius and Hastus, Clavius is defeated, stripped stark 'bollock-naked'.
Hastus then brutally rapes the naked, older gladiator, and then cuts off Calvius' obscenely large, cock and his hairy balls.
Completely castrated, and with his cock in his mouth, Calvius pathetically reaches for his severed balls lying on the sand in front of him as he pisses through the bloody stump that is all that is left of his once huge penis, and shits on the sand.
He is then speared in the neck by young Hastus.


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"The young Gaul Vindrex squeals in agonyas the Sabian pankration wrestler, Lucian viciously knees him in the balls !"

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This is the first image of the new series of reconstructions - featuring new costumes, equipment and backgrounds - and also some new stories !
In this picture Burro and Jason enter the arena.
Burro is heavily armed, while Jason just wears a tiny white loincloth and white leggings.
Young Jason will loose the fight, get fucked by his hulking opponent, and end up naked on the sand with his prick and balls cut off.

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Burro the gladiator raises his sword, while 'cute' 'bollock-naked' young Jason writhes on the sand urinating uncontrolably.
His tiny loincloth has been pulled down, exposing his dark bush of pubic hair and his prick and balls, and his own sword is skewering his belly
Behind Burro stands the Chief Arena Slave and Executioner, wearing the mask of Mors, (the Roman equivelent of Thanatos - the god of Death), while on the other side of Burro stands a junior arena-slave.
Once the crowd stop applauding Burro, Jason will have his bulky penis cut off, to symbolise his loss of manhood and complete humiliation, and then he will have his bulging balls cut off, and be 'finished-off' by being decapitated.
While Burro goes to receive his prize from the organiser of the Games, Gracchus, the younger arena slaves will completely strip young Jason's headless corpse, which will then be hung from the arena wall.
Finally the boy's severed  penis will be inserted into the mouth of his severed head, and the head will be displayed on a metal spike, beside the hanging, naked, mutilated corpse.

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TOP ROW 1: After Perseus punches Nerva in the testicles, the referee stops the fight and 'horny' Perseus is forced away from his opponent at spear-point.
2: Nerva, while on the sand, is punched in the face by Perseus - this is an illegal move.
3: Dead and naked - Perseus' naked corpse is hung from the arena wall while Nerva looks on.

SECOND ROW 1: Perseus punches Nerva in the groin
2: Pugnax rapes his defeated young opponent Lysus
3: Pugnax punches Lysus in the testicles
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TOP ROW 1: Calvius and Hastus get ready for their fight in the arena
2: Hastus viciously knees Calvius in the groin
3: Hysterical Calvius staggers round the arnea - clutching at his battered scrotum

SECOND ROW 1: Hastus rips off Calvius' subligaculum (loincloth)
2: Naked Calvius screams 'CUNT !' as he is impaled through his anus with a thick wooden baton .
He then becomes erect, and ejacualtes, squirting his thick semen all over himself.
3: Naked Calvius is sat on an impaling stake after being fully castrated (penis and both testicles), and disembowelled, prior to being 'finished-off by being decapitated


TOP ROW 1: Hector is speared on the lower belly
2: Hector is speared on the lower belly - rear view
3: Hector has his skimpy white subligaculum (loincloth) ripped off

SECOND ROW 1: Naked Hector is roughly  'jerked-off' and ejaculates as he lies helpless on the sand
2: Still 'horny', naked Hector ejaculates for a second time as he has his anus impaled with a thick wooden baton
3: Impaled Hector is stripped completely naked by his opponents

THIRD ROW 1: Naked Hector is castrated, losing his erect penisand both his testicles.
2: Completely naked and fully castrated, Hector is led away to be impaled on the arena wall
3: Stark naked and sexless, Hector is impaled on the arena wall

FOURTH ROW 1: With his severed  penis and scrotum skewered on the end of the stake, naked Hector screams, writhes, pisses and  shits on the sand, while his two victorious opponents discuss how to 'finish him off.'
2: Castrated, naked Hector is fatally disembowelled by having a meter long sword rammed up his anus
3: Hector' victorious opponent's accept the cheers and applause of the crowd as they stand in front of Hector's naked, disembowelled and castrated corpse
TOP ROW 1: Vindrex's subligaculum (loincloth) is tied to his scrotum, and he is given 'ball torture'
2: Vindrex is raped by Lucian
3: Stark naked Vindrex is tied to the arena wall, and is repeatedly kicked in the groin by Lucian

SECOND ROW 1: Vindrex is kneed in the groin by Lucian
2: Vindrex is lifted off the sand by his 'privates' by Lucian
£: Vindrex is put in a 'neck-lock'
FIRST ROW 1: Massimo hits Mendrix in the groin with his mace
2: Mendrix lies helpless on the sand as Massimo smashes Mendrix's testicles to a pulp with his mace
3: Massimo is stabbed in the side by one of his opponents

SECOND ROW 1: Massimo staggers across the arena sand with a sword in each side
2: With a sword in each side, Massimo sinks to the sand, begging for mercy
3: Naked, impaled through the belly, and completely castrated (penis and both testicles), Massimo is 'finished-off' by being decapitated.

TOP ROW 1: An old slave writhes on the cross and urinates as his subligaculum (loincloth) slips off - the young slave, who is crucified and impaled through his anus, gets a huge erection and violently ejaculates
2: A young teenage slave is crucified naked.
3; A naked slave is impaled on a wooden dildo attached to a post, fucks himself and ejaculates over the sand

SECOND ROW 1: A young blond slave has his subligaculum (loincloth) ripped off before being tortured and executed
2: Two slaves, wearing a few strips of rags, enter the arena - where they are to be impaled, castrated and decapitated
3: Naked slaves are forced to confess their crimes.

click here for a full description of the crucifixion and castration of two Roman slaves

Top Row - Left
Massimo fights in armoured breast-plate and groin protector with a large spike mace. 
Mendrix fights 'bollock naked' - with helmet and cross-belts, - with sword and shield and a huge erection.

Top Row - Centre
Massimo clubs Mendrix in the groin with his spiked mace, crushing Mendrix 'privates'.

Top Row - Right
Mendrix - unable to stand - kneels on the sand - begging for mercy

Middle Row - Left
Massimo pushes Mendrix onto his back, kick his legs apart, and clubs him a second time in the groin, completely mangling the boy's penis and testicles. Mendrix urinates and defecates.

Middle Row - Right
Young Mendrix writhes on the sand, screaming for mercy.

Bottom Row - Left
Massimo clubs Mendrix's head, crushing the boy's helmet and skull. Mendrix writhes up, shits again and the flops back onto the sand  - dead.

The first of the 'boy-gladiator' fights in 'Calvius and the Boy Gladiators - the two young 'lovers', Ephebus and Felix fight to the death - with young Felix fighting naked right from the start.

Felix loses the fight and ends up getting impaled, with a baton up his anus, castrated (penis and both testicles), and finished off with a sword.

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